In 2023, Circuscentrum strengthened links with the UK with a number of projects that were supported by the Brexit Adjustment Reserve (BAR). The publication "This is not the end - Focus UK in retrospect: the facts, the rumours and the dreams", brings the story of this collaboration in words and pictures. In the publication 'Making connections', you can discover the circus and outdoor arts ecosystem in the UK.


Following Focus UK, the publication ‘Making connections’ was developed in collaboration with Verena Cornwall, a publication that gives a picture of the circus arts and outdoor arts ecosystem in the UK, through articles and interviews with some key players. Exploring the UK as a circus artist or professional? If so, this publication is highly recommended.


Focus UK in retrospect: the facts, the rumours and the dreams

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Working visit United Kingdom 13 to 16 March 2023

From 13 to 16 March, twenty circus professionals from Flanders joined Circuscentrum on an exploration of the UK. Over three days, the delegation was the guest of a different organisation each day, was presented with relevant discussions and a state of play on both sides of the channel to gain a better understanding of working together in the future. Find out all about it in the article Liv Laveyne wrote about the working visit.

Although the Flemish and UK contexts differ in a number of ways, one thing is certain: we can learn a lot from each other. In addition to the various visits, these five Flemish companies had the chance to present their tour-ready work to an audience of British circus professionals: Tim Oelbrandt & De Studio with Spirals, Sinking Sideways with Cécile, Rode Boom with Ritselingen, Gedachtegang with Bare Body and Compagnie Krak with Bench Invasion.

Kensington and Chelsea Festival (July-August 2023)

Spotlight on Flanders

Greenwich+Docklands International Festival (25 August-10 September 2023)

Spotlight on Flanders

At the end of August (26-28/08), we took a number of professionals to London to introduce them to the festival and the work of UPSWING. During a strategy meeting, we explored how new creators and new stories can find their way to the stage. In November 2023, UPSWING came to Flanders for an exchange of expertise on new paths in the sector in the context of Flemish youth circuses. We used this exchange as a starting point for a journey of growth towards greater diversity in the Flemish circus landscape.

Freedom Festival (30 August-3 September 2023)

Spotlight on Flanders

As part of the FREEDOM FESTIVAL SYMPOSIUM 2023, the Freedom Festival, in collaboration with Circuscentrum, focused on "the impact of circus arts on well-being", with a particular focus on children and young people. Ell Circo D'ell Fuego (ECDF) presented the TaRMaK project. A tailor-made circus project for children (aged 8 to 14) who have a history of domestic violence or who have grown up in difficult family situations. Circus in Beweging presented the Circus Clinic: The Art of Wellbeing project, an international Erasmus+ youth partnership that explores how circus practices and well-being intersect. In addition, Circuscentrum presented the development of a unique circus ecosystem and policy in Flanders.

Out There Festival (15-17 September 2023)

Spotlight on Flanders

Circuscentrum attended the Out There festival with a delegation of Flemish programmers. We took part in the professional programme, with a particular focus on music and circus, and met a delegation of British programmers to explore and discuss creative alliances.

Working with the UK post-Brexit - Circus needs to travel


Working with the UK post-Brexit - Touring opportunities


Working with the UK post-Brexit - What about the paperwork



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