This was Smells Like Circus 2024

An exploration of the evolutions within the circus sector through lectures, research and debates; this was the professional programme of Smells Like Circus 2024. The program was curated by Circuscentrum and Around About Circus. On this page you can find a photo report and links to interesting publications. Want to know more about the content of the meetings and the presentations? [email protected]

The pitch carousel - photos by Tom Van Mele - Fotokultuur

Presentation Circus without Circus - photos by Michiel Devijver

Presentation publication 'Dating objects and devoted obsessions' by Grensgeval - photos by Tom Van Mele - Fotokultuur

Closing meeting Focus France and Focus UK - photos by Sarah Vanheuverzwijn

Meetings International netwerk of circus arts media (INCAm)

Smells Like Circus 2024 was a collaboration of Circuscentrum, VIERNULVIER, Miramiro, CAMPO, KOPERGIETERY & cultuurcentrum Evergem.