Reading about circus, writing about circus, talking about circus: in Flanders we have Circusmagazine but the world of circus media is bigger than that. Let us introduce you: the world of words and sentences that reflect on circus, that tells circus stories and gives an idea of new circus trends.

In January 2024 Circuscentrum invited the INCAm network for Smells Like Circus. INCAm is the International Network of Circus Art magazines (and other media by extension). Writers, journalists and podcast makers from all over the world came to Smells Like Circus and wrote about more than only the performances, they also made publications about topics of the professional programma Circuscentrum organised.

General articles about Smells Like Circus

Focus-UK: A Flemish Connection

Katharine Kavanagh (The Circus Diaries, VK) highlights the closing meeting of the project Focus UK in the article 'Focus-UK: A Flemish Connection'. The closing meeting was part of the professional programme Circuscentrum organised during the festival.

Smells Like Circus in Juggling Magazine

For the Italian Juggling Magazine Adolfo Rossomando wrote 'Smells Like Circus' - Juggling Magazine (p. 6-9).

The 2024 Festival Season starts in Ghent with Smells Like Circus

This was the announcement Valentina Barone (DE) made for the website Around About Circus: 'The 2024 Festival Season starts in Ghent with Smells Like Circus'.

Revue Jonglages goes to Smells Like Circus

'Revue Jonglages goes to Smells Like Circus' - Cyrille Roussial on Revue Jonglages.

Photo report in Tadaa Magazin

For the German magazine Tadaa Dominikus Moos made the photo report 'Smells Like Circus'.


Coming up! Ruby Burgess is making a special episode of her podcast Not My Monkeys.


Laura Murphy

'Entanglements, Kinship, Clown and Politics'

- A conversation with Laura Murphy and Nicole A’Court Stuart
by Elena Stanciu (DYNAMO MAGAZINE) and Valentina Barone (Around About Circus)

Wes Peden

'Joyful Juggling Frenzy: Wes Peden in Rollercoaster'

- An interview with Wes Peden about his concept solo show
by Elena Stanciu (DYNAMO MAGAZINE) and Valentina Barone (Around About Circus)

On performances

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Smells Like Circus 2024 was a collaboration of Circuscentrum, VIERNULVIER, Miramiro, CAMPO, KOPERGIETERY & cultuurcentrum Evergem.

Here you can read more about the professional programme during Smells Like Circus.